Area Facts


Millstone Town Centre is located in Hope Mills, NC off of Camden Rd. Located at 3351 South Peak Dr., there are many things to enjoy including food, fitness, and entertainment. Hope Mills is a growing town just outside of Fayetteville. While the town is small, it continues to grow by offering its residents a full variety of services and recreation.


Restaurants located here include Ichiban Sushi & Hibachi where you can enjoy the finest authentic Japanese food in town and La Cocina which offers a large variety of authentic Mexican dishes.  For entertainment there is the Putt-Putt Fun Center which offers family friendly fun and Millstone 14 where you can enjoy movies with digital sound, Wine Paint & Create, mixing wine paint and fun and Pro Gaming.

Trade Area

The average age of people in the area is 32. The population within 1 mile of Millstone Town Centre is around 5,488; within 3 miles is around 40,965; and within 5 miles is around 94,195. Households making between $50,000 and $74,999 in the 1 mile radius is about 25.9%; in the 3 mile radius is about 27.7%; and in the 5 mile radius is about 25.9%.